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Teeter Dex II Inversion Table
Dex II Inversion Table
Dex II Inversion Table

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Product Name : Dex II Inversion Table

Dex II Inversion Table with FREE DELIVERY!


         20.00 off for a limited time!


         Decompresses back which naturally alleviates back pain


         Forward inversion for back and core strengthening exercises


         Gentle, easy exercise suitable for all


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Price(Incl. VAT): £ 350.11
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Dex II Inversion Table

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Newcastle Hospital recently completed a study that found patients with sciatic problems were 70.5% less likely to need surgery when they used an Inversion Table.

The Dex II is the latest model from Teeter and is a forward-rotating machine.  Inversion therapy is a natural way to alleviate sciatica, back pain, neck pain and a plethora of other ailments such as depression, headaches, stress, hemorrhoids and varicose veins! 

Gravity is often the cause of back pain, bad posture and weak stomach and back muscles. Obviously there is no way to get away from gravity, but using an inversion table makes gravity work for you, instead of against you. When you invert, your spine assumes its natural position, a gentle `s` curve. This strengthens and relieves pressure on the discs alleviating pain.

The Teeter DEX II holds the body in a 90/90 position (bent hips, bent knees), which is the optimum position for lumbar decompression, helping to flatten the lumbar curve and decompress the spine without requiring support by the ankles or feet. The Teeter DEX II decompression & extension offers a convenient in-home inversion option with forward rotation. Unlike inversion tables, which suspend the user in a full body stretch, the DEX II supports the user from the hips so the stretch is focused on the torso. The easy-to-use design invites the user to simply step into the leg supports, lean forward and invert with user-controlled operation. Developed to emulate the popular Teeter DEX found in fitness facilities around the world, the DEX II brings the benefits of inversion into the home. The gentle, inverted stretch elongates and decompresses the spine, which helps to rehydrate the discs, reduce pressure on nerve roots and naturally correct minor misalignments. The DEX II is also ideal for back and core strengthening exercises.


The DEX II holds the body in a 90/90 position (bent hips, bent knees), which is the optimum position for lumbar decompression, helping to flatten the lumbar curve and decompress the spine without requiring support by the ankles or feet. The DEX II stands out in comparison to other similar equipment because the ergonomic design helps to prevent hyperextension of the back while performing back extensions.


         Sturdy lap support: Holds the user in a fixed 90/90 position, which is the optimal

position for lumbar decompression.

         The user is placed in a body position relevant to gravity that maximizes muscle performance during back extensions while helping to prevent hyperextension.

         Improving upon the traditional roman chair, the unique design actually reduces the load on the hamstrings by placing the knees in the relaxed 90 position, rather than forcing less effective, straight-legged exercises.

         Decompress with a DEX II using forward rotation to lengthen the spaces between the vertebrae and allow nutrients to nourish the discs.


Inversion tables are not covered under Consumer Protection Laws. This means individual manufacturers are free to build their equipment as they see fit. Teeter equipment is built to adhere with the toughest specifications for medical grade equipment. An independent test of Teeter and 7 other products found the Teeter equipment superior on every point of structural integrity, ease of use, durability and ease of assembly.



Product specification


User height: 142 198 cm (4ft 8" 6ft 6")

Use weight capacity: 136kg (300lbs)

Assembled dimensions: 104 x 74 x 114 cm (41 x 29 x 45 inches)

Product weight: 30kg (66 lbs)

Warranty: 5 Years

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